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Gottfried Medical owes its growth and success, in large part, to its dealers and (in turn) to their patients. Quality products and excellent customer service keep you coming back. But even the best products can sometimes be improved upon. Gottfried Medical's Ensil Silicone Fabric is just one example.

To that end, we continually search for ways to make our great products even better through technical and process advancements and new materials. The results of these efforts are announced on this page. Please contact us for more information on any of these items.

MicroDot Silicone Band

MicroDot Silicone Band • Item No. 051MD

The MicroDot silicone band is less harsh on the skin than our 2” silicone (dot) elastic and is comfortable while still providing the gripping strength necessary to keep garments in place throughout an active day. It is available only in a 2" width and can be added to any of these garment types:


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