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Product Warranties, Guarantees & Return Policies

Where & How to Return a Product

All warranty adjustments, returns, alterations and/or modifications must be made through the Retail Dealer, Healthcare or Institutional Provider from which the item was purchased. Providers should contact Gottfried Medical for a return authorization before returning any product.

OSHA Compliance

Compliance to OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030 requires any and all garments sent to Gottfried Medical (regardless of reason or circumstance) be laundered and clean before sending. Upon our receipt of a soiled garment, Gottfried Medical will immediately return said garment to the sender for proper treatment and/or disposal.

Guarantee & Return Policy - Custom Garments

All supports and garments are guaranteed for proper fit and correct pressure. Garments and supports will be replaced, altered or repaired at no charge for 15 days from delivery date*. Extensions for patient convenience may be granted with notification to us. Supports and garments are also guaranteed to be free of any defects in workmanship or materials for 30 days from delivery. Alterations and/or modifications, (except for color), may be made up to 6 months.

*From the Retail Dealer, Healthcare or Institutional Provider.


Sand (060) is our standard color. Sand (060) will be sent unless another color choice is specified. Re-orders will be the same color as previous orders unless another color choice is specified. If the color of the previous order has been discontinued, and no alternative color is specified, Sand (060) will be sent. Color choice must be specified for each garment ordered.

Although we make every effort to deliver garments which match our color samples, due to variations in fabric and dye lot, we cannot guarantee exact color match, or color consistency from order to order.

Insta-Fit™ Garments

Insta-Fit Garments are sized and may not perform the same as a custom garment. Defective merchandise or merchandise shipped in error by Gottfried Medical may be returned for replacement or credit. Merchandise that has been discontinued, or that is older than one year, may not be returned.

Returned goods must be in their original, unopened containers, in saleable condition. Errors in shipping must be reported to Gottfried Medical within ten (10) days in order to be corrected; otherwise, Gottfried Medical cannot be held responsible.

Ensil® Silicone Bonded Textile Fabric

Ensil Fabric is guaranteed to be free of defects, including but not limited to rips, tears, snags and runs in the textile layer. Although the textile layer color is white, its color (in different rolls or lots) may vary. Ensil Fabric that has been dyed cannot be returned for replacement under any circumstances. Every dermal scar may react differently to the Silicone in Ensil Fabric; therefore, the results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.


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