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Learning why

Using the Most Current Order Form is Very Important

Order Accuracy

Our forms (in some cases) have gone through dozens of revisions with updates to assure more accurate measurement, reducing both miscommunication and returns for adjustment. While we appreciate the fitter’s form preference, using an outdated Gottfried Medical form, or a competitor’s form, not only makes manufacturing your order more difficult, it increases the chance for error and the need to return it for adjustment. When this occurs, the patient is inconvenienced, and your time is wasted.

Timely Delivery

You are aware of the importance of getting the patient wearing the garment as soon as possible. While Gottfried Medical guarantees correct fit and counter pressure, returning a garment for adjustment either delays beginning the treatment process or interferes with ongoing treatment. It is all about patient compliance. Using an up-to-date Gottfried Medical order form and accurately completing it helps assure getting the order right the first time and on time.

Patient Comfort & Convenience

Beyond providing accurate measurements, using the most current Gottfried Medical order form provides you with a list of standardized options you otherwise may not be aware are available. There are options on almost every form to ease donning, doffing and to improve comfort while the garment is worn. Help your patient and learn the standard options. Using an up-to-date Gottfried Medical order form makes it easy.

Patient Safety

Patient safety is always a primary concern at Gottfried Medical. To help communicate this and to meet FDA requirements, all our current order forms include safety information. This information may be updated at any time. When an update occurs, a notice (including details) is posted on our website in two locations, under "Resources," highlighted in gold.

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Controlling Costs

We are all price conscious and sensitive to price increases regardless of the reason. When you submit your orders on up-to-date Gottfried Medical order forms, you are helping us control costs. This is accomplished by reducing miscommunication and the need to make follow-up calls for missing or improperly provided information.

Processing returns for adjustment (while a part of our guarantee) is costly, involving both additional labor and shipping. These returns can (oftentimes) be avoided simply by submitting your orders on an up-to-date Gottfried Medical order form.

Where and How to Get Our Order Forms

Download: PDFs are available from any page on this website, under: | Resources | Ordering | Order Form PDFs. | Following any of the links will open the associated PDF, which you then may print. We recommend printing only in small quantities so that returning to the website for more forms becomes routine. This way you will be reasonably assured you are always using the most current form.

Request: Upon request, Gottfried Medical will mail you printed copies of those forms you require. Please call our offices during regular business hours at the number found at the top of every page of this website, or submit our request form.

Questions or Concerns About Our Order Forms

Please contact us during regular business hours at the number found at the top and bottom of every page of this website. The person answering your call is almost always the same person who will be assisting you with your questions or concerns.


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