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Important Information

Please Read Before Downloading Our Order Forms

Expediting Your Order

In order to expedite the processing and manufacturing of your order, we prefer our clients provide the exact and complete specifications for each garment ordered. If, for any reason, a specification for the garment is left blank on the order form, a Gottfried Medical representative will make every effort to contact the customer to address the issue in question.

How you prefer we contact you is your choice. If you are unsure of how to proceed, Gottfried Medical will recommend an option or default to a standard option while ensuring the garment maintains its therapeutic value. Customers may change or add an option within the scope of the product’s warranty.

If a cost is associated with an option we recommend or is requested by the customer, the ordering entity will be made aware and given the opportunity to approve before moving forward. Gottfried Medical, Inc., however, reserves the right to incorporate into the design of a garment, any “no-cost” option deemed necessary to ensure the proper function of the device.

Some examples of “no-cost” options to which Gottfried Medical may default include, but are not limited to:

  1. Color: Sand (#060) for original orders if no color is specified. If a Straight Reorder is placed, GMI defaults to the last color ordered.
  2. Elastic band: 1” with silicone beads (#051RSN)
  3. Foot length (standard lengths differ for males and females)

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