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Recent Changes to Our Order Forms

• "Moonlight Lace" Print for Burn Garments Discontinued

Please refer to our print selector.

• "Teal Paisley" & "Tan and Brown Plaid" Prints for Burn Garments Discontinued

Please refer to our print selector.

• "Biker Hearts" Print for Burn Garments Introduced

Please refer to our print selector.

• MicroDot Silicone Band Introduced:

Please refer to our What's New page for more information.

• "Aqua Tattoo" & "Purple Tattoo" Prints for Burn Garments Introduced

Please refer to our print selector.

• EnhanceTM Color 063: Steel Gray Brought Back

Our customers have spoken. Many requested we bring it back and so we did. Please be advised this color is subject to a wider degree of variation from dye lot to dye lot than other colors.

• EnhanceTM Color 063: Steel Gray, Discontinued

Although some color variation from dye lot to dye lot is normal, Gottfried Medical has determined the degree of variation for this particular color is too great and can therefore no longer be offered.

When re-ordering, please select another color, or 060 Sand (Beige) will be provided as the default. Please refer to our color chart.

• New Order Form Numbering System

While the forms themselves remain virtually the same, all Gottfried Medical order forms have a new numbering system. Please refer to the chart below cross referencing the old form number with the new form number.

Please begin using the new forms as soon as possible.

New Form No. Old Form No. Description | Link
F-027 09 Referral form
F-028 10 Prescription blank
F-029 11 Lower extremity (paper tapes)
F-030 12 Lower extremity (non-paper tapes)
F-031 13 Waist area (non-paper tapes)
F-032 14 Stump (paper tapes)
F-033 18 Foot glove form
F-034 19 Foot tracing
F-035 21 Upper extremity (paper tapes)
F-036 22 Upper extremity (non-paper tapes)
F-037 31 Glove measuring form
F-038 32 Hand tracing form
F-039 33 Face and Chin form
F-040 34 Body measuring form

• Silicone and/or Metal Allergy Question Added

Standard ordering procedure now requires Gottfried Medical to be informed if the patient is (or is not) allergic to silicone and/or metal. A question addressing this concern is now included on all new forms offering options that may include either substance. This information must now be provided before an order may be processed.

Notice to Patients: If you are a patient currently using, or are considering, Gottfried Medical’s products and are allergic to either substance, please be sure this information is relayed to whomever measures you for your Gottfried Medical custom compression garment.


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