Custom Compression Therapy Vests, Body Briefs & Body Suits

Basic Models (See options below)

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410 click to view Vest sleeveless
412 click to view Vest with sleeves
413 click to view Sternum pressure support
414 click to view Vest brief sleeveless w/velcro flap
415 click to view Vest brief sleeveless open crotch
416 click to view Vest brief w/sleeves w/velcro flap
417 click to view Vest brief w/sleeves open crotch
418 click to view Suit w/legs above knee
420 click to view Suit w/sleeves & legs above knee
421 click to view Suit w/sleeves one leg below knee
422 click to view Suit w/sleeves two legs below knee

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Options for these Models MORE

001 Zipper (up to 15" / charge no more than 2)
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
001 Zipper (up to 15" / charge no more than 2)
002 Velcro, each opening
005 Alter #306 after delivery
006 Alter #306 during pregnancy
007 Double abdominal panel
008 Reinforced knee, front or back (x 2 if full)
009 Reinforced heel
010 Reinforce inner thigh ( x 2 if over 6" from groin)
011 Add or replace zipper
012 Reinforced top to thigh length
013 Pocket (8 x 8, if bigger charge for 2)
014 Mesh axilla
015 Girth 50 -60" (127 - 152 cm)
025 Girth 60+ (152 cm)
018 Soft top fabric (use with adhesive)
019 It stays - H2O soluble roll-on adhesive+V96
030 Abdominal uplift panel
032 Add garter to waist high
035 Girth 70+ (178 cm +)
048 Velcro tab / flap over zipper
049 Body brief snaps
051E Ensil border
052 Ostomy or trachea opening
053 Slant inserts
054 Elbow lining (front or back) x 2 if full
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
056E Garter strap- extra long - each
056F Garter strap - replace or add
056G Lining - full length of knee support
056H Lining - full length of thigh support
056I Lining - shin (front)
056J Lining - calf (back)
056M Lining - 1/2 wrist 2" wide
056O Lining - full base of neck 3" wide
056P Lining - axilla
056Q Mastectomy pocket w/velcro closure
056R Prosthesis opening
056S Pocket filler (8 x 8, if bigger charge for 2)
056T Pocket filler with cover
056U Reinforced crotch
056W Reinforced groin
056X Scrotum pouch (must order 308, 309 or 305)
056AB Stirrups
056AO Axilla pad
056AR Anterior lining of torso
056AW Lining - forearm
057 Monogram

Tip style and glove/mitten length are specified on order form.

060 Sand (beige) 061 - Chocolate (Brown) 062 - Artic White (White) 063 (see below) 064 - Midnight 070 - Grass Green
071 - Screaming Yellow 072 - Scarlet 073 - Wild Grape 074 - Sky Blue 075 - Electric Blue 076 - Nautical Navy
080 - Apple Green 081 - Super Pink 090 - Pansy Yellow 091 - Carnation Pink 092 - Sea Foam Green 093 - Baby Blue
094 - Lavender 095 - Orange 096 - Army Green  

* Actual color will vary from these representations.

063-Steel Gray: Although some color variation from dye lot to dye lot is normal, Gottfried Medical has determined the degree of variation for this particular color is too great and can therefore no longer be offered.

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Order Forms Required MORE

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About This Product: Custom compression therapy vests, body briefs and body suits are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment for venous insufficiency, lymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

Typical Options

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left sleeve

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The models and options displayed or listed on this page are the most common. Contact us to discuss any other specific requirement.